Top 5 Social Media Myths

You need to care about social media. Right now. I mean this very instant, you should be worried about your social media. Why?

Because there's someone talking about you.

Hopefully I didn't set off any deep-seeded paranoia triggers in any readers, but it's true. Somewhere, someone online is probably talking about you. Whether they're updating a status about a trip to your business, tweeting about the service they just received at your establishment, or liking a picture; They're talking about you.

Some people would have you believe that social media management is a luxury or a frivolous service that isn't necessary. Those people are wrong.

Here are some myths and real facts about social media in today's digital market:

"Social Media is Only for Kids"

In the beginning, Facebook was just for college students to stay updated on their friends.

Today, Facebook is the largest social media network to connect with friends, family, businesses, colleagues, musicians, coworkers, brands, celebrities, anybody, and everything. Facebook Pages are representations of your business online. See the importance here? Everyone is on Facebook now, not just kids.

What about Twitter?

According to Forbes, Twitter users over the age of 55 are the fastest growing demographic and Twitter users in the 45 to 54 age bracket represent an active usage growth of 116%. Getting away from the stats, this all means that older people are now using Twitter at an all-time high and still growing.

So what about that Google Plus?

Honestly, not many people are using Google Plus, but it's Google's favorite child (for now at least). Google Plus is connected to your Google Local and Google Maps listings. People will see your posts and updates when using any of these Google products.

Keeping your Google Plus updated and active keeps a positive presence online in the eyes of almighty Google. Not to mention, recent studies have shown that Google Plus engagement with businesses and brands is nearly the same as Facebook.

"I Don't Need to Care About Social Media"

I bet a few years ago, you said something similar about having one of those fancy-schmancy interweb website things. You don't need it, right? Your business did fine before the internet, you'll be fine..

The internet is a wonderful tool that allows us to find information and communicate with people anywhere and everywhere. Social media is the current and next level of communication. As I said earlier, someone is probably talking about you or your business online right now. This is why you should care about social media.

You wouldn't let someone spray paint graffiti on your house about how you suck at your job, don't let someone do it about your business online.

"Anyone Can Run My Social Media"

Technically, anyone can run your social media.. just like how anyone can fix a car. When your engine breaks down, do you trust just anyone to fix it? No.

You take it to a specialist who knows how to fix it, has fixed it before, has the tools to fix it, and has the right environment to fix it.

Your social media accounts are an online representation of your business. This is how most people perceive your business's identity. Would you trust just anyone to handle this?

Let a specialist take care of this important task.

"There's No Real Value to Social Media"

If you've made it this far into the article, you should know this simply isn't true. Social media is the best way to connect and interact with potential clients, customers, fans, and everybody else.

Also, it's a great way to generate leads and sales.

Using your social media to announce or promote events in real time is the best way to get your message out to people that are most likely to convert. If they follow you on Twitter, it's because they want to be informed of your updates and news. If they like you on Facebook, it's because they like you in real life. These people are coming to you because they want to stay informed. It's the easiest market to capitalize on!

"Social Media is Just for Fun Stuff"

This is one that has a little truth to it. If you're not having at least some fun doing social media.. You're doing it wrong.

You can have a healthy balance of fun and function in running your social media accounts. Posting pictures of happy customers shows off your successful sales. Showing off your fancy new logo will help make customers more familiar with your brand. Engaging with people will encourage them to leave reviews or speak positively about your business on their personal accounts.