3 Keys to Web Success

You have probably been told over and over again that your website is your virtual show room on the internet. Have you been told that most of the foot traffic that comes to your dealership has visited your website first? If you were told that the majority of your business comes from the internet, would you make some serious changes?

Well guess what! The majority of your business comes from the internet! Check out this study: 97% of consumers now use online media to shop locally!

97% of consumers use online media to shop locally! Wow, what should you do with that knowledge? Consider this, the article above was published almost two years ago. What do you think those numbers are today?

It's very simple, really. You need to take a hard look at your site and ask yourself a few simple questions.

Is my website aesthetically pleasing to customers?

Does it rank well?

Does it work on all devices and all browsers?

If all of the questions above are answered with a "YES", then you should be very pleased and probably are considered number 1 in your market. If not, you have some thinking to do. Today most business owners are creating larger budgets for technology and digital marketing then ever before. How do you stack up to your competition? What resources are you using to fix the problems? Are you hiring technology guru's? Are you outsourcing?